Aesthetic Dentistry is not for all

and should be done by all.

How is a smile designed?

In regards to aesthetic dentistry there are no set rules of how a smile should be designed because after all you the patient must decide what you like. This does not mean that we do not advise you of some basic guidelines for an amazing smile however.

For example, different face shapes will guide us rather than dictate to us how your smile should look. A square face with a prominent jaw line will look better with teeth with round corners to soften the smile. A round face will look better with longer teeth, while an oval shaped will look much better with square teeth to give a wider smile, and finally a heart shaped face will look better with round shorter teeth. Again, none of these guidelines are carved in stone, the ultimate decision goes back to the patient and their expectations.

square shape face
hearth shaped face
round shaped face

So as you can see aesthetic dentistry is not made out of a set of rules, but more of understanding our patients needs , concerns and expectations , and then combining our knowledge, experience artistry , new materials and techniques to finally give our patients an amazing smile.

There are many different styles and shapes of smiles that we will show you such as Aggressive -Dominant- Enhanced- Focused- Functional- Hollywood Style- Mature Natural – Oval- Softened- Vigorous- Youthful.

But once again aesthetic dentistry is not based on rules, but more about artistry and creativity, so no two smiles should look the same and unless this is what our patient wants.

At Simply Veneers we constantly tell our patients that our goal is to provide you with an amazing smile that everyone will notice but no one will know.

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