Botox and Fillers

Before Botox patients were resorting to surgery for treatment of gummy smiles, these surgeries can run up to $20,000, however Botox with a price tag of $300 lasts between 3- 6 months with no down time and minimal discomfort Through the injection of Botox at the Yonsei Points of the lip elevator muscles we can reduce the gummy smile; Botox causes temporary paralysis of the lip elevator muscles thus reducing the elevation of the lip and ultimately reducing the gummy smile look.

Lip Fillers

For patients undergoing a smile makeover, a lip filler could be used to remove lip creases, any sagging around the mouth, cases of high lip line and uneven lips, to give the face a more youthful look; this would be the perfect complement to a smile makeover; But keep in mind that the objective is not to give you a duck lip but a more natural look and feel through subtle changes , again we seek to give you a beautiful smile that everyone will notice but no one will know!