most frequently asked Questions

At Simply Veneers we do things different, if you want to get an approximate fee for your smile makeover, just click this link and upload a picture of your smile and you will get a video from our doctor with his recommendations and an approximate fee.

We have many different types of materials used, composite EMAX Feldspathic, or Zirconia, the doctor will recommend which material best serve the clinical

This will be determined by your aesthetic doctor after he
explains the pros and cons of each type of veneer.

Before we do any treatment we will do a Smile Tryout , the smile test run is complimentary and is done by placing tooth colored material on your teeth, you can go home with it for one day, and only after you like your new smile treatment will commence.

Veneers will not damage teeth , however there will be minimal reshaping of the teeth before we place most veneers to remove any irregularities or bulges of
your natural teeth otherwise we can’t enhance your smile, but the reshaping is minimal (less than 1 mm). Occasionally we will not reshape your teeth at all, when we place the prep-less veneers.

Veneers are resilient, so breakage is not common issue with veneers if placed properly and the basic rules of veneers are followed.

Veneers could last for 15-20 years easily, at Simply Veneers we veneers placed for over 25 years and still look beautiful.

The process of veneers requires 2 – 3 visits and could be all done within
7-10 days.

Teeth reshaping prior to placement of veneers is done with local anesthesia, so
there in pain involved, we also have Nitrous Oxide available if needed at no additional fee.