Gummy Smiles

What is a "gummy smile"?

A Gummy Smile is caused by excessive gum tissue around the teeth or hyperactive muscles of the upper lip, the results are shorter looking teeth.

Part of our smile makeover is done using laser to reshape your gum to expose your teeth more which improves the ration between the teeth and gum, to rejuvenates your smile.

gum reconstruction
laster recontouring
before veneers image

With most smile makeovers gum line correction is necessary to create an even vibrant smile, this is
performed as a first step prior to any teeth reshaping to design your ultimate smile, otherwise
asymmetrical gum line will always show an uneven smile , With laser gum recontouring we create an
ideal shape that will compliment your new smile makeover , the treatment is part of your smile makeover fee so there will be no additional fee for it.

The procedure is gentle, with minimal bleeding or discomfort, its predictable. And because laser is used the chance for infection is minimal, and best of all the gum will not grow back.