Types of Smiles

Different Smiles Different faces

square shape face


Oval shaped face


hearth shaped face


round shaped face


rectangle shaped face


 1.  Aggressive: These are recommended for men as well as women that wish to show a strong personality, this entail robust teeth      that are square, round central, and lateral incisors with a gentle curve or almost straight canines.

 2.  Dominant: These are for those that wish to show signs of dominance, these entail square and round central incisors, with rounded    far corners of the lateral incisors that are placed slightly higher than the central incisors and a sharp pointed canine.

 3.  Enhanced: This smile fits females that seek a perfect looking smile, mostly picked by females in beauty pageants as well as engage in photo-op sessions. These entail slightly rounded edges of both central and lateral incisors with the lateral incisors slightly shorter than the central incisors, and canines that are blunt and pointed.

 4.  Focused: If you like to show a determined focused look, this entails a similar smile to an Enhanced Style without rounded edges.

 5.  Functional: Like the Enhanced smile but canines are more pointed.

 6.  Hollywood Style: This is one of the most sought-after smile makeovers amongst males, it shows off your full smile without being            excessively aggressive, it is like the Aggressive Smile but with shorter lateral incisors.

 7.  Mature: Like the Aggressive smile, with a more pointed canine.

 8.  Natural: Smile with panache, like the Enhanced smile but with more aggressive pointed canines.

 9.  Oval: Like Aggressive smile but softer more round or oval incisors and canines.

10. Softened: Like the Oval Smile but less pronounced curvature of the edges of the teeth.

11. Vigorous: Show off your vigor, like the Aggressive Smile, but canines more pronounced and protruding into the oral cavity.

12. Youthful: This young and youthful smile combines the pronounced protruding canines of the Vigorous smile and the slight  rounding Oval Smiles.