Confidence starts with an

amazing smile.

Smile Makeover Beverly Hills

We’ve been providing smile makeover Beverly Hills for over 35 years.

Whether you are a celebrity, athlete, spokesperson, salesperson, or individual just wanting a great smile, we will assist you with superior service.  

A Smile Makeover is a mix of listening to patients needs and concerns, science, engineering, art, creativity, transparency, managing our patient’s expectations and experience.

At Simply Veneers, we start by listening to our patients to insure we understand all their concerns and expectations.

We follow this with explaining what is possible through digital simulation, showing them cases that we have done in the past that are have similar conditions.

Our Smile "Tryout"

We also provide a complimentary Smile Tryout. Think of it as a test drive for your new smile. 

The Smile Tryout is done by placing temporary tooth colored Veneers on your existing smile to try out, these temporary Veneers you get to go home with for a day. Those temporary veneers are custom made just for you, depending on the case we either place them on your initial visit by placing tooth colored material directly on your teeth or lab fabricated and placed on the second visit. With both techniques the temporary Veneers can be removed by you if you wish by simply pulling them out.

The Smile Tryout eliminates all the guess work, and you can see your Smile Transformation instantly, we believe the Smile Tryout is an excellent tool for our patients , they love it because they get to go home with it to show their family and friends, with No Out-of-Pocket expense.

We only move forward once you are happy with your Smile Transformation and your new Smile Makeover.

With the Smile Tryout our focus is to treat smile asymmetry, midline shift, gum level across your smile, angle of teeth to support the lip, length of teeth, color, shape, and the youthfulness of the smile.

If you choose not to keep them on, we will provide you with before and after pictures to show your family and friends. The process is pain free easy and simple for you as a patient.

Take the first step and see what a great smile you can have with our virtual consultation. 

Simply upload a picture of your smile to us via our online portal and we’ll take it from there. We’ll then provide you with a personalized video with our recommendations.  

Next come in and try our ‘Smile Tryout’ which will give you even more confidence in how great your new smile is going to look on you.

It’s all very exciting! Give yourself the gift of a great white healthy looking smile! 

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