Smile Makeover

There are hundreds of languages around the world, but a beautiful smile speaks them all!

Simply Veneers is consistently ranked as one of the top smile makeover studios in Orange county with only 5-star reviews.

Our get-started video is a ‘must see’. 

See how technology has enhanced the process of creating gorgeous smiles.  

Veneers can be used as part of a complete smile makeover or for minor cosmetic adjustments, or in combination with orthodontic treatment to close gaps between teeth, they are resilient and long lasting.

At Simply Veneers we listen and answer all your questions. Our patients are our family and we treat them how we would like to be treated. We cater to one patient at a time rather than running between rooms treating other patients.

At Simply Veneers we do things differently. We believe in transparency. Click the link upload you photo tell us what you would like to see changed, and our cosmetic dentist will send you a video with his recommendations and fees involved , it’s as easy as that.

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The Process

Smile Tryout

A Smile Tryout is a great way for you to see the possibilities before you decide to have your veneers done.

 It is complimentary and is done during your consultation visit so no more guess work, you well get to see how your smile will look like and go home with it for one day!

Think of it as test-run with temporary veneers, we work with you until you love your new smile. We then duplicate the same size, shape, and shade into the final permanent porcelain veneers.

It takes about 30 minutes; the doctor will place a tooth-colored material on your teeth in a way that allows you to remove them later. An impression is then taken to help craft the permanent porcelain veneers.

You can go home with your Smile Tryout for a day or take pictures to show your friends and family.

Color Selection

When evaluating the color of your teeth, we examine how closely matched your upper and lower teeth appear. Your teeth should complement your hair, skin, and eye color.

The shade of your Porcelain Veneers varies from BL1 which is considered the super white and BL4 which is four shades darker.

Choosing the right shade will depend on your preference, but we go through the process of showing you all the shades available.

The Rehearsal

On this visit we place the temporary veneers that we created from you Smile Tryout visit after minimal reshaping of your natural teeth, any changes that we need to do we will do on this visit. You will get to go home with those temporary veneers and test drive them for a 7-10 days.

The Final Curtain

On this visit we remove your temporaries and try on your new porcelain veneers, once you fall in love with your new smile, and only then we proceed with final cementation.