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We are the top cosmetic dentist in Newport Beach.

It is not hard to miss the best of the best in Newport Beach when it comes to the top cosmetic dentist in Newport beach – Simply Veneers is consistently ranked as one of the top smile makeover offices in Orange county with all 5-star reviews.

As a leader in the field of cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Zak strives to steadily elevate the industry. His latest breakthrough; Simply Veneers.

When you visit Simply Veneers you will be amazed how attentive our team is.

We only see one patient at a time in our office so no running between rooms to see many patients, you have our undivided attention.

At Simply Veneers we only provide smile makeovers that is our focus, so our reputation is built around providing one service which is smile makeovers.

Our Unique Process


We’ve streamlined our protocols for our patients so there is no more guess work when it comes to your smile makeover; and best of all we do not it by just showing you before and after pictures of our work, and we do not do it by just showing you how your smile through digital smile simulation, we actually place removable provisional veneers on your teeth that you can go home with for a day as a smile tryout, thus eliminating the guess work, because there is nothing better than trying out a new smile before you commit to having a smile makeover.


Only after you are happy with the look and the feel of your provisional smile makeover that we proceed with treatment!

You might ask what is the cost of this smile tryout, and the answer is it is free, so you might also ask why do we do it for free, and the answer is simple, we want to make sure that we can make you happy, and the right fit for our practice before you start spending any money; it is simple, we search for the win- win relationship between our patients and Simply Veneers. It is no wonder why we are considered among the top cosmetic dentists in Newport beach.

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