Before &


Correcting the midline shift with 10 beautiful veneers.

Widening the smile with 8 Veneers.

10 Veneers on the upper arch, with teeth whitening on the lowers.

Replacing a missing tooth and 10 veneers to restore her smile.

A complete smile over with full upper and lower veneers.

10 Veneers to widen the smile on the upper arch.

Only 2 matching veneers for the front side teeth.

8 veneers for a more pleasing youthful smile.

A complete smile makeover to restore the broken down teeth to a more youthful smile.

Closing spaces between her upper teeth with 10 Veneers.

Changing veneers done else where to a more natural looking smile.

Closing the gap with 2 veneers.