At Simply Veneers we do things differently, before we do any treatment, or you accept treatment we do a Smile test run or a Smile Tryout.

A Smile Tryout is a great way for you to see the possibilities before you decide to have your veneers done.

 It is complimentary and is done during your consultation visit so no more guess work, you well get to see how your smile will look like and go home with it for one day!

Think of it as test-run with temporary veneers, we work with you until you love your new smile. We then duplicate the same size, shape, and shade into the final permanent porcelain veneers.

It takes about 30 minutes; the doctor will place a tooth-colored material on your teeth in a way that allows you to remove them later. An impression is then taken to help craft the permanent porcelain veneers.

You can go home with your Smile Tryout for a day or take pictures to show your friends and family.