Simply Veneers

Creating Beautiful Smiles

For Over 35 Years

Simply Veneers Newport Beach Orange County Cosmetic Dentistry


Simply Veneers

Creating Beautiful Smiles

For Over 35 Years

Simply Veneers Newport Beach Orange County Cosmetic Dentistry



One of the main purposes of veneers is to improve the shape, function, color and alignment of the front teeth, reestablishing smile harmony, and giving you a signature smile that reflects confidence, social and professional success.

At Simply Veneers we don’t believe there is one size fits all solution in veneer treatment, that’s why we provide different types of veneers.

No-Prep Veneers

No-prep veneers are ultra-thin porcelain (less than .3mm) bonded over your teeth to give you the smile you are looking for, you will not need anesthesia since we don’t have to remove any tooth structure, and can be removed to restore your own natural smile again if you choose to do so.

Traditional Veneers

Traditional veneers on the other hand require minimal tooth reduction which in fact is necessary and desirable to give you the smile of a lifetime, much more attractive than with the No-prep veneers in most cases.

After all, if you are getting veneers in the first place, it’s doubtful that you will ever remove them unless you are getting a new one as a replacement. So, if you are going to spend the money for a cosmetic procedure you might as well get the best aesthetic results using the best techniques and materials from the first time, given that the difference in tooth reduction is minimal and the aesthetic results are far more superior with the traditional veneers.

During your complimentary consultation at Simply Veneers our doctors will discuss all options available, explain what’s best for you and help you make the best treatment choice.

Traditional Veneer can be Feldspathic (layered) or Pressed Veneers

Feldspathic (Layered or stacked veneers)

These are ceramic veneers fabricated with porcelain layers painted on to build up structure, these veneers provide Color Control, less tooth reduction and are fabricated from quartz type porcelain on a platinum foil or refractory die.

Feldspathic veneers will give you the look you want but could lose their vibrancy and natural appearance with time.

Pressed Veneers

These are ceramic veneers using new technology curing the veneers under heat and extreme pressure, resulting in veneers that are twice as strong and long lasting as the feldspathic veneer, as well as more versatile and less abrasive on natural teeth than Feldspathic veneers

Replacements & Maintenance

At Simply Veneers we advise our patients that Feldspathic veneers should last between 5-10 years; however, Pressed Veneers can last up to 20 years.

Porcelain veneers have great crushing strength but poor tensile strength. Therefore, you should avoid anything that tend to twist the veneers such as chewing on ice or hard candy.

Accumulation of plaque around the veneers may lead to decay, so once placed, do not be afraid that you will damage your veneers by either flossing or brushing. A good home care regimen will insure the aesthetic success of your veneers for years to come.

If you are a sportsperson, wear a mouth guard when engaged in any sports activity because heavy impact forces may lead to chipping of the veneer.

Complimentary Teeth Cleaning & Whitening

Prior to veneer placement we provide you with a teeth cleaning, in–office teeth whitening as a complimentary service to ensure optimal results.

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